it's been 3 1/2 years since i've posted on this thing.

i spend the past day and a half reading through my old entries, comments, pictures (the ones that are still amazingly up through snapfish)... wow. i don't even recognize my own words from 4-5 years back.

it's funny how vivid and detailed i was about every interaction i had with people, and situations going on in my life. it's also very fascinating to see the insecurities i had before that i still have today, only now i know how to mask them better or hide them. but they are still there.

i almost deleted this account a few years ago, but taking a trip down memory lane was quite the ride.

memories are a funny thing. a friend told me recently that each time we think about a memory we had, it's always slightly "different" from what actually happened. and that each time we pull that memory back, it's not from the original database; it's from the last time you thought about it.

reading this brings back different emotions, but some memories come back so vividly i feel like i was there again experiencing the same thing, albeit with an older, more mature spin on it.

anyone here still use this thing? old lj friends from 3-4 years ago?
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Haha, all those movie quiz thingies. I was just watching this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hey, so many LJ ain't so boring anymore. Heh.

edit: Here's another pic from the same movie:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

edit 2: You're SOOO close TREES!

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I'm still alive. :)

Just to let you worrying folks know. Xanga has it's very powerful points, although I tend to be more passive on my LJ now. Have I truly grown out of blogging??

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I went dancing yesterday with some grad students. I was 19. The four people I hung out with had an average age of 27. Geez. O well, Matt has a tight Jetta with a seat warmer. How uber is that? It was contra dancing... semi country/square dancing. I was so impressed with the live fiddler on the stage and I just wanted to sit there and listen to him tear it up on the strings, but Pam then made me dance with her. We did the swing, and some other lame movies (DOSEY DO, ANYONE?)

Gosh. I'm glad I took no pics. I really am. Haha.

Go Huskies basketball team. I cannot believe we are playing SPU for our season opener. Can you say, BLOWOUT!??? I will shave my head if we lose to SPU. Ok, I'm just kidding this time. I really am.

I just found out my family is getting something I've always wanted to get when our old one died. Since my mom has not told my sister yet, I won't spoil the surprise, but it is God spelled backwards, but that's hardly giving anything away.

I WANT A 'GOD' SPELLED BACKWARDS!!!! (Living alone can take its toll on you.)
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entry with pics soon

Sorry for all the time in between entries. College IS time consuming. Haha.

RIP, Christopher Reeves; Scared the crap outta me with Superman 3 or 4, the one where the lady turns into a robot or something?

He's a real life Superman indeed. The world will miss him.
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I know I say this about a lot of the movies I've seen but.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of the most original, one of the best, and one of the most touching movies I've ever seen.

I was afraid the hype people told me about was gonna ruin my experience. BUT WOW. WHAT AN AWESOME MOVIE.

I can't describe it in words, but yeah... I'm getting it on DVD on Sept 28!!!

One day left. Wow. Seattle here I come. It's been good, Taiwan... it's ok Elton John thinks you're full of pigs. He's full of pigs himself.

It was a great summer while it lasted. :)
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I'm sorry I haven't updated much. I promise once I move into my apartment and start college again, life will be much more interesting and I'll have good content to update this with. Woohoo! I know you're all anticipated.

Watched Shawshank Redemption with Lester and Jason today... it never gets old. My fav movie, ever.

Peace. 4 more days!!

It's been a while

Sorry, don't have much to say. Life's been mundane and boring the last couple of weeks. Just not many people around, except Lester and Naomi, John's back... Jeremy and Robb, the alumni before us.

Dang, time flies. I'm going to start my sophomore year come the 29th. DANG DANG DANG. I don't wanna start, yet I don't wanna stay here forever.

I'll miss my parents, I'm sure, but it's always like that - you leave, feel all sad, shed a few tears, get back in the college rhythm... and you are yourself again.

Gotta do well this year in school if I wanna do psychology for my college major. Who knows.

Why is everything in life so frustrating sometimes? It's just been so slow and boring. (no, my friends that are still stranded here are not slow, boring or even mundane. to clarify things and not anger people as I have with my political rants. WAHAHA)


Some old pics...

...I forgot to put up.
Hope you guys enjoy these, as I'm about to go on the Taiwan tour for ABC's or something.

Trees, I promise I'll find time once I get back, and we'll get others to come like Vicky and others, or during the weekends in July. Hopefully Val is still here during that time.

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Guess who's back.

you know it!

nice seeing denise, whitaker, jamie (before she leaves), and others... t'was much fun.

i'll post some pics from the mariner's game with stacie and her roommates in the near future. Heck, some right now (stupid jet lag grammar)

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